If you start using the service, then by default it is considered that you have accepted the rules and user agreement.

1. We do not promote the following topics: financial pyramids and groups whose goal is to deceive their users (including affiliate programs), communities of 18+ topics, sports betting, gambling, sports nutrition, green coffee, steroids and other suspicious drugs, fortune telling, horoscopes and other mystical assistance to individuals, sale of dubious medications.

2. If you are currently our client and have placed an order with us that is being processed or in the process of execution, then until your order is fully completed, you are prohibited from using third-party promotion services due to the fact that checking the quality of the service provided to you is based on counting the number of executions and internal statistics of the service; if these conditions are ignored, your guarantee for the provision of promotion services is automatically nullified.

3. We do not advise you to create several orders at the same time, as this complicates the process of launching and monitoring the quality of the service provided to you; in the case of existing one-time orders, we are not responsible for the timing of orders.

4. We do not recommend you to use our services on a completely new pages created less than a week ago, or place many orders in one day. More than 10 orders for promotion can provoke a ban from the social network. Consult with the technical support operator about the limits and permissible amounts of service that you order before ordering, this will reduce the possibility of sanctions. Remember, if you ignore our recommendations, you act at your own peril and risk.

5. For smooth promotion, your account must be open and publicly accessible, otherwise the service is not responsible for untimely completion of the service.

6. Claims regarding the quality of promotion, as well as the actual performance of services, are accepted within six months from the date of creation of the order.

7. Our technical support managers are real people who try to be useful to you, so we ask you to be polite when communicating with them. In cases where your message contains an offensive nature, obscene language, threats and other types of bullying, you will be sent a warning, there will be no further warning, we will be forced to suspend the execution of all your orders and block your account on our website.

8. If the link you provide is not working, we are not responsible for not informing you about it in a timely manner. If your order was not launched on time, we advise you to check the details of your order, and if you find an error, write to us by email or technical support. In case of an erroneous link provided by you, provided that this order has already been completed, a refund impossible.

9. Claims for receiving more activity than you ordered (increased likes or subscriptions) are not accepted.

10. Exchanges, returns and other manipulations with funds in your account are not possible under any circumstances. You can only spend them on the services of this CrowdBooster service.

11. An attempt to mislead a technical support operator or any other employee of the company, deception, falsification of facts, or provision of falsified data on the results of services will immediately lead to blocking of your account on all our portals. Existing orders in this case are canceled without a refund.

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